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Established in 1980, BKK was the first Australian company to import genuine Thai jasmine rice into Australia and has pioneered the Australian wholesale industry for more than thirty years. BKK has continued to source exotic and authentic food and beverage products from the world, for retail, food service and commercial markets.

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Our staff are knowledgeable with years of experience in Asian food products and deep connections to local communities. Do you need advice on stock or brands? Or interested in starting a new business? Our friendly team of experts can provide you advice and recommendations to help you find a solution!

We work hard to innovate and use the latest technology to serve our customers with speed and accuracy. Providing fast and flexible service to you is our top priority!

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Do you like to chat? Our staff are multilingual and can communicate with you in your preferred language. We can talk to you in Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian, Lao or Cambodian.

So if you want to use truly authentic tasting ingredients and hard to source exotic products, get in touch with us today. We would be delighted to have you as our customer!

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