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BKK New Application Form

Full Names and Address of Proprietors or Directors:
Survey and Newsletter:
Condition of Sale
Upon considering your request to open an account with BKK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, we acknowledge receipt of all the information you have provided. Please note that all new customers will be subject to a cash-on-delivery (C.O.D) policy. BKK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD reserves ownership of the goods until payment in full has been received, and we retain the right to enter any premises where the goods are stored and repossess them without incurring liability for trespass or damages.
In the case of a Company or Partnership, guarantees by Directors/Partners:
Upon consideration of your request to open an account, we, the individuals referred to above as the Guarantor, jointly and severally guarantee the timely and complete payment of all monies owed by the debtor in connection with the Credit Account. This guarantee shall remain in effect regardless of any actions, inactions, forbearances, omissions, or defaults by the debtor and shall not be voided, released, or discharged.